Parenthood – The 1st 2 Years

Sleep Deprivation

Almost 2 years in now and the main thing I’ve learnt about twins is they tag team better than the Hardy Boys, seriously as one stops crying the other one starts it’s a constant 24 hour cycle where at this point that coupled with the occasional beatings from the toddlers I reckon I’d stand up pretty well on Channel 4’s SAS Who Dares Wins.

I’m sure they have come up with a game plan to see if they can break someone before they get to school, and to be fair they’ve come close!






We’ve come a long way in the last 2 years, from the emergency room at NICU through countless operations and appointments, the twins along with their older sibling have survived and adapted probably better than the parents.

2 years in and the eldest is about the leave Pre-school and head to primary and the twins about to go up a class at nursery as well. Adam is making massive strides (literally!) for someone with no balance nerves and developmental issues from being in NICU for so long he’s finally standing up and taking a couple of steps, much to his delight.

A lot of thanks for us surviving this journey can be laid directly at the grandparent’s door. Without them stepping in a helping with the twins we couldn’t have afforded to go back to work, but also mentally we couldn’t have afforded not to go back to work so they have helped more than we can ever appreciate.

So here we stand on the precipice of another life event the eldest about to head to primary school, although I’m sure I had a paper round / working down the pit by his age! An emotional wreck of a mother can be expected on his 1st day of school, especially as she cried when she just sold her car.

The eldest one going to school & the youngest to slowly heading towards the 30 hours free child places nirvana also means hopefully finances will improve until the inevitable, gymnastics / flute / football / horse riding / astronaut training camps etc. Whatever happened to a ball and a stick and the back street until dawn, psssh kids today 😊



(Father of 3 with no hair & little sanity left)