Mental Health – The Demons Inside

Some days it’s hard to ignore them.

Those are the days I dread going into work as its all pilling on relentlessly.

Those are the days I dread going home as the kids have been acting up.

Those are the days I dread answering the phone to the wife as I know it will be a 15 minute rant about how difficult the kids have been coupled with background screaming.

Those are the days that the demons tell me wouldn’t it be “easier” to just stop completely.

Those are the days I need to take stock.

Those are the days I need to look around.

For every bad day at work there is 100 people who have been made redundant and would love a hard day at work.

For every day of misbehaving screaming children there is a couple who can’t have kids and are curled up in pain watching other people raise theirs.

For every day you stall going home there is someone curling up in a shop doorway wishing they had one to go to.

For every fraught phone call with the wife there is a partner who’s lost theirs desperately missing just one more conversation with them.

No matter how close to rock bottom you think you are, look around, look below, stop looking at other people’s perfect Facebook / Instagram lives.

There are people around you that would swap places with you in a heartbeat.

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